Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Belly Bump Sneaks

For most women, losing their figure is a scary and emotional rollercoaster, even if it is to do something as miraculous as growing a new human being. So it's nice to have a day when your figure is celebrated and aaah'ed rather than wow'd.

We spent Saturday morning with the very talented and super sweet Christie Stockstill in our favorite Austin location. Town Lake. It was a beautiful morning full of runners and bikers and dogs happy as can be. All healthy and toned. And me with my big belly hanging out. Giggling at the overly energetic dogs swimming in the lake. It was a great time. From there, we moved to the 1st Street bridge and then indoors to the upstairs of Paradise. What a gem on 6th Street! I never would've thought to run up there. But they had gorgeous old wood floors. Windows with real wood panelings and tons of natural lighting flooding through. Original stone walls. Wood walls. And even a baby grand. Great choice Christie! We're dying to see the rest now!
P.S. - These were shot at Week 29 of the pregnancy!

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