Friday, June 5, 2009

April 21, 2009

We have now completed 12 weeks and had our First Trimester Screening and ultrasound today! Due to Mark's known *faintness* around medical situations, we thought it best that he travel with his helmet to this visit. He woke up very excited and headed straight over to put his helmet on as he emerged from the bathroom.

We had to drive separately to the doctor's since I was going to work afterwards and he was going to take his PMP certification exam. Somehow, in all the anxiety and excitement, he missed the exit and so I had to stand outside waiting for him just a little while longer. He finally arrived and we went up to the waiting room. He carried his bike helmet under one arm and waited while I signed us in. He had not even sat down when he informed me that he needed to visit the Men's room for a second. When he returned, we were lead back to the ultrasound room where we got to see our baby for the first time! It was so clear and Baby was moving around so so much. It's weight and length were exactly as expected for 12 weeks and so we were quite happy.

As I got cleaned up, Mark let me in on his little secret. He didn't need to use the restroom earlier. He had to go splash water on his face because he was already starting to feel light headed. All we had done was sign in. Goodness. Labor and delivery should be interesting.

P.S. - He passed his PMP exam on the first try!!!

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