Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

What an interesting day/evening this was. Around 4pm, Mark and I headed out to what turned out to be a fairly long trip to find fireworks. We weren't so much looking to light the skies ablaze that night. But rather, we were looking for the few perfect sparklers for the groom's cake =)

After driving over to Scarsdale, then across town on the Beltway, we finally made contact. Cars were parked miles away. We made our purchase (a measley $5-$10) and we were off. Stoli thought it was a pretty crappy trip since he never even got out of the car.

Then we rushed home to shower and get ready for dinner. We were met with 4 others trying to do the same... Tommy & Cathy, et al. Except they were due to leave the house about an hour before us. So we yielded. We started with dinner on the Kemah Boardwalk with my parents. Although good, it wasn't anything spectacular. We've had better meals on the boardwalk.

After dinner, it was probably close to 10PM so we headed over to Bakkhus. There, Beth greeted us with party hats, beads and noise makers. What a great planner! Also present were Beth's family from Mississippi. Apparently, my family had already met them in FL when Adam graduated from OTS. So everyone made their rounds, "hello, good to see you again, how are you, etc, etc." No one seemed to remember that Mark and I had not been able to make it out there and so we didn't know anyone. No matter, within minutes people were hugging me like I was a long lost friend. I immediately realized what was going on. They were all confusing me for Cathy. This happened ALL night long. With only a few people willing to admit that they had made the mistake. Cathy couldn't stop laughing when they showed up about an hour later. The best was when I ran off to the bathroom after the ball dropped. Adam put his arm around Cathy's shoulder and said, "Hey, take a picture. This will be my first picture with Mary." Apparently he was dead serious. Mark was dying laughing. In their defense, I saw the pictures from NYE. We did look an awful lot alike.

The girls all dressed up

JJ doing a feaux Greek Table dance
The Tran Family @ Bakkhus
The "twins" and their men
Cathy, um, Mary with Adam

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