Monday, September 22, 2008

Parents, Twins and Everything in Between

This weekend, we stayed in town. Wow. But we had company. Yay!

We started on Friday evening with a visit from our favorite 4-year old twins, Tim & Peter and their parents. It was alot of fun. Stoli enjoyed chasing after them since they never stopped moving. And I relived my "freeze tag" days. I must say, I'm a stellar Freeze Tagger when it comes to 4-year olds. Then Mom, Dad, Tommy, Diesel & Rocky joined in on the fun. Tommy commentated a game of Smash Brothers between the twins while the rest of us enjoyed catching up. It was a good evening, but I had to get to bed early! So did Amber.

The next morning was early. 4 miles. Nice jog. I was really proud of myself. I finished in just under 40 min which meant a less than 10-min mile average. A personal best for me.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to campus. After a shopping extravaganza at the Co-op, we finally headed over to the tailgate zone. Tommy's company hosted a nice little party where we found ourselves with some food, lots of drinks and good company. Just before the game, Rose & David joined us and the boys & Rose headed over to the stadium.

Meanwhile, Mom & I headed over to the Pecan Street Festival! It was such a nice evening for a stroll around downtown Austin. We left the campus area and headed up, right through the capitol building. We stopped there for a quick cleanup and kept right on trucking. Gelato, hot sauce, crafts, jewelry galore! Finally, a break at the Driskill bar for some refreshments and to catch up on the games. By that time, the guys were pretty much done watching the lashing that Texas gave to Rice.

I love weekends that we get to stay in town. Austin's a cool cool place. We were just missing Cathy, Adam & Steph and the weekend would've been complete. Oh well. This coming weekend, they will all be together at Michael & Heather's wedding and we'll be missing.


Adam Leonard said...

What? No mention of Mark's game that morning? :)

Mary said...

LOL. Guess I have to leave Mark's festivities for him to comment on. I think this was the week of the cape??