Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mickey Mouse Club House

Every afternoon after school Mia watches a program on TV called Micky Mouse Clubhouse. It is that TV show that makes the following blog so funny to me. Within the show a couple things happen in every episode.

1. In order to make the club house appear, Micky says "Mishka Mooska Mickey Mouse"
2. Whenever Mickey reaches a point where he doesn't know what to do, he says "Oh, toodles" and this little balloon thing comes down with a variety of different tools that Mickey can use to solve problems.

A couple days ago, Mia walked over to me while I was in the kitchen. She said "Dada, I wanna snack." I said "Mia, what is the magic word?" The magic word in my house growing up was Please. Mia, stopped, thought about it, looked at me and said "Mishka, Mooska, Mickey Mouse" then she said "can I have a snack?" How do you say no to that?

A few days later Mary was sitting on the couch feeding Jude. Mary has a pink cup with a straw she usually drinks water out of while feeding him. Mia frequently comes by and gets a sip of water from the cup while Mia is feeding him. Mia came by this time and grabbed the straw and pulled it out of the cup and threw it on the ground. She then asked Mary for water. Mary looked at her and said "Mia, you pulled the straw out, you can't drink water without a straw. What are you going to do now?" Mia stopped, looked at her, paused and said "Oh, toodles" hoping a little balloon would come down to give her a tool to help her.
Mary and I were laughing so hard I had to put the straw back in.

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Mary said...

I totally meant to mention this exact story in an entry, but forgot. Thx for the laugh and reminder! What a monkey we're raising