Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lasts and Firsts

This is the face of a HAPPY girl

This is the face of a SAD girl

Why is she sad, you ask?

With good reason. On the day this picture was taken, Friday, May 27, 2011, it was her last day to go to Nanny's house. And she didn't even know it.

She was actually upset because I was taking so long in starting our walk to Nanny's house =)

Mia has been going to Nanny's house since January 2010. She was just a few days short of being 3 months old. And with the exception of a few vacation days here and there, she had been there almost every work day.

In Mia's vocabulary, "Nanny" does not equal "care giver." It's a family member. Probably something along the lines of "Aunt" or even "Second Mommy." Nanny's house is Mia's house. Nanny's Kurt is Mia's Kurt. Nanny's mommy is Mia's Mimi. And of course she has her very own Gigi and Jaja over there. Along with an entire zoo of animals.

In the time that we've been taking Mia over to Nanny's, there might have been a handful of times 16 months where she fussed about us leaving. But never more than a few seconds. And hardly ever a tear. I know this will not be the case when it comes time for school. I know she will have a difficult time. I wish she could stay at Nanny's forever.

But Mia is not going to be an only child forever. She is going to have a sibling and one day she will go to real school. We've decided that even though she is still young, she needs to start socializing with other children her age. Even more so, it's time she start to learn how to share attention with other children. I know it will be tough on her (and therefore on us) in the beginning. But I have no doubt it's the right decision. And that very soon, she will be very good at it!

And so with a tear in our eye, we must say good-bye to an era.

But Nanny won't be far! She's still our good neighbor. And she's still our #1 go to. In fact, she's already scheduled to watch Mia the next 2 weeks after we get back from vacation so that Mommy & Daddy can finish the last 2 childbirth classes. Nanny's also offered to pick her up from school a few hours early every so often so that Mia can come over and play with Jazzi before having to head home. God bless her. How did we ever get so lucky???

To make up for taking Mia from her happy place, I finally introduced her to the beach on Memorial day! It was loooooooong over due. I'm sorry it took us so long baby girl. We promise we'll take you more often! Because... YOU LOVED IT!

Please disregard the nastiness of Galveston beach. It was a beautiful morning, the air was breezy and there was a slight overcast. Mommy & Ba had a wonderful time with you!

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