Thursday, April 21, 2011


Back in November, I decided that it was about time that I move from the football fields over to sports that were more conducive with a person in their mid thirties who wanted to keep his weight under control and strengthen his heart. This was obviously distance sports such as running and biking.
I knew I wanted to do triathalons in the summer. Tommy mentioned to all of us the MS150 (bike ride from Houston to Austin. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was a charity ride, so it sounded good all around. 5 of us signed up (Me, Tommy, Stephanie, Tracy and Kevin). Mary would have signed up, but being pregnant riding like that is not a good idea.
The race started early on Saturday morning. We got to the starting point with little real idea what we had in store. We were not riding with a big team, so Tommy had rented a tent and Tommy, Steph and I were planning on camping Saturday night.
The race started around 6:45 AM and we started at a starting point with about 300 other riders. The entire race had about 13,000 riders so this was a very small starting point.We cruised as a group for the first leg and made our first stop at the 20 mile mark. The great thing about large rides such as this one is that there are organized stops about every 8-20 miles. Each of the stops had water, snacks,bathrooms etc.
About 4o miles into race on Saturday we stopped for lunch. Riding with 13K riders is actually a lot of fun and it makes the ride much easier. There are always people to chase and people to draft off of.
Around 70 miles into day one I started having pretty significant knee pain. It was bad enough that from miles 70-93 on almost every downhill stretch I would have to unclip my shoes and stick my leg straight out to try to get more blo
od flow through my leg.

Picture of me riding on day one stretched out on my aero bars.

Around 3:00 I arrived at the camp site. I realized at this time why joining a big group is so beneficial. I got to the camp site and had to check my bike. We then had to get our tent, set it up, wait in line for showers, wait in line for food. The big teams had giant tents that contained their bike, beds, their luggage, food drinks etc. If we decide to do this next year, I definitely will find a way to join a large group. The TacoDeli group is sounding pretty attractive for next year.

Riding solo somewhere along the road on day 2

I woke up early on Sunday morning feeling pretty sore and slightly unmotivated. I wasn't sure if I would finish on Sunday when I started, but I was determined to get started and get at least 20 miles in before I made a decision. Luckily, the weather was good and after about 5-10 miles I felt really really good.
Another picture riding on Sunday

I was able to ride pretty well all day on Sunday and I was able to finish pretty strong. Over all I enjoyed the experience. I definitely would join a big team next year to have a big tent and food available etc next year. I am proud that I was able to take on 167 mile race for my first ever organized bike race and finish.
I am still having some lingering knee trouble since the race ended. I went to the doctor earlier this week and I may have some nerve damage that we have to fix, but I won't know the answer to that until I see an orthopedist.

Mary and Mia were waiting for me at the finish line

After the race was over we went to Players for lunch. Mia decided she wants to go next year and sit on the back of the Vespa

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