Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter + The Big Reveal!

The Lord has risen! Let us rejoice and celebrate!!!

And celebrate we did.

Mia started with a big neighborhood egg hunt on Saturday morning.

YAY! "Ecks!"

Hmmm... I don't see many more "ecks"

Maybe they can tell me where I can find more

Toot, we're all done.

Didn't get enough of Mia's first egghunt?
Check out this diddy Mark put together for her:

She was not a huge fan of the Easter Bunny this year and would not take a pic by herself with him!

The baby goat she loved. It had a pretty bow on.

The bunny had very soft ears.

Not very sure about the chicks. They moved a lot!

Then on Easter Sunday, we had a family brunch at the house.

Little Miss Mia received the most precious Easter gift from Nini and Papa. Here she is showing it off

Come, everyone! Eat at my restaurant!

The little chef taking a much needed gummy bear break =)

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Stephanie also joined in Mia's party and brought her a sweet Peter Rabbit book. Yes, that is being enjoyed at bedtime now =)

Lots and lots of goodies, but these were probably my favorite.

My classic velveteen cake (white velvet cake recipe)

And these little guys remind me of bunny noses!

And here was Mark's favorite. Fruit pizza. With a surprise twist. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the announcement of Baby Dos' gender. Only knowing that it would be revealed at Easter, not knowing when or how. How else, but via Mark's all-time favorite dessert!

Blue = Boy!!!

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