Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mia Goes to Brunch

We've had such a busy few weeks, I forgot we snapped a few shots a few Sundays ago when Nini was here visiting.

Nini came by on Saturday afternoon to play with and watch after Mia so that Mark and I could attend a wedding of a very dear friend. She was so very good with Nini that we took them both out to brunch Sunday morning.

Mia was excited. I picked out her outfit for her and was about to put on her adorable sneakers with the little bling on it. But she felt that they weren't sufficiently "posh" for the occassion. So she asked (demanded) to wear her boots.


Linda said...

Mia definitely has a good sense of fashion. The boots were perfect with her all pink outfit!!! =)

Mary said...

It should be REALLY interesting in about 6 more months.

The K-13's said...

That girl already has a mind of her own... Watch out world... there's a new fashion diva