Sunday, February 27, 2011


Mia first trip to the rodeo was a total success. Granted, it was only the BBQ cookoff portion of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but she did it in grand fashion.

As you can see above, she took every site and sound in. The first 20 minutes or so there, her eyes were big and round and the mouth was slightly agap as she looked around in amazement.

After a big meal of baked beans, potato salad and bread, Mia was ready to dance and throw down some salt shakers =) She did this for a good while, never complaining, while waiting for the rest of her family to finish.

By then, it was nightfall and Mia happily put on her jacket and moved to her stroller. Waving at everyone that passed and asking for a sip of margarita whenever it came close enough.

Thank you Aunt Lori for the most adorable little cowgirl boots! She got rave review. Almost makes me wish I could pull of pink cowgirl boots!


Mireya said...

So glad we ran into you guys! Loved meeting Mia!

Mary said...

What a surprise to see you guys there! Josh is a doll. Hope we get to play again soon!