Tuesday, February 22, 2011

16 Months Old

  • New favorite word, "ewwww" She uses it when she gets something dirty on her hand. She uses it when she smells her poo poo diaper. Ewww is right, baby girl!

  • Mia has learned the proper use of the word "go" She commonly uses it as a command. As in "GO AWAY!" telling the dogs when they get too close to her snacks. Or "Go pee Bubba!" when we get home. Her favorite way to use it is "GO GO GO!" She says this when she wants you to take her some where or if she is getting ready to run some where. She'll run across the field screaming "GO GO GO!"

  • Mia loves to watch Sponge Bob. And will ask (tell) you to put it on for her. But Sponge Bob comes out sounding like "Bu-Bob" Which can easily be mistaken for Bubba. One day I kept asking her if she was saying Bubba (knowing that she just wasn't enunciating). She finally got fed up and lined her hands in front of her face, started making her fingers go up and down like she was pressing buttons and said "doo doo doo doo". We were over at Nanny's house. I was like, WTH? They started laughing. She had never done that before, but she was imitating Sponge Bob playing the horn on his nose. Clever.

  • Mia added Nini to her list of family members that she can say!

  • Mia likes to put her head on the ground and look through her legs. Might be ready for tumbling class soon!

  • Mia has discovered the amazingness of ice cream. She points at every picture of it. And Lord help us when it's served at a party. She won't stop until it's everywhere. Ice cream runs a close race with cake.

  • Mia loves to eat. When we set her down for meal time (especially dinner) she can sometimes sit with us for 30-45 minutes! She'll eat her plate of food, sometimes feeding herself with her spoon, talk to you and laugh whenever the rest of the table is laughing. She really likes to "be a part." Some of her current favorites include tomatoes, cottage cheese, cheese in general, fruit and polenta.

  • With all the birthday parties that she's been going to recently, she's picked up a piece of the song. At first, it was just Happy. She would run around saying Happy. Then when I would sing Happy Birthday, she'd finish with "to you!" Now she makes sounds that sound like the whole phrase all mushed together, "Appy-Butdy-to-do!"

  • Mia created a new routine for herself right before bed and first thing in the morning. When we sit in her glider with her to have that last/first cup of milk, she demands her "brinket" (blanket) and "bok" (book). She utilizes both to their max capacity.

  • Mark's been working with Mia on giving knuckles. She learned it but was a bit inconsistent with it. Last weekend I added the word "Boom" to it and now she's all about it! When you hold out our fist, she'll push hers up against yours and say "Boom!" She'll also reach out with her fist and offer "Boom" The funniest was when she had boomed both Mark and I at the table and then put her own 2 fists together and said "Boom!"

  • Mia's animal sounds are expanding. So much so that sometimes they get a little mixed up. But for the most part, she knows: dog, cat, cow, bird, sheep, chicken and bear.

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