Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Update

Wow. After Thanksgiving, the Christmas holidays really go into full swing. Especially when you have kids. I guess I didn't notice it last year because we were still dilirious from our lack of sleep and Mia was all of 10 weeks old. This year, she is older and starting to enjoy it much more. And so are we!

We kicked things off on December 4th with a family holiday party at IBM. She thought the music was loud, but the hot dog buns and the ice cream were good. She wanted to climb into the jumpy things, but is still too small. She was big enough to pet the baby goats and Christmas lamb.

Following the party, we headed over to the Domain to see the big Christmas tree outside of Macy's. She thought that was pretty cool.

But when we headed to the kids section of Border's, she really tore it up! Loved looking (read: tearing) through all the books, pulling all the toys off the shelves and hugging every stuffed animal in sight. After Borders, over to Viva Chocolat for more gelato and probably a little belly ache.
Hanging out upside down with Dadda

This past weekend, the city of Pflugerville upped the anty and held their annual Old Town Christmas Stroll and Parade. We decided to take Mia and Stoli to check it out. We couldn't have planned it out better as we were getting out of the car, our good friends and neighbors were unloading in the car next to us. Mia was so very happy to see her friend Hailey. Of course Mia had to try fair food. She had no interest in Mama's favorite, the corndog. She thought the potato ribbons were edible. And she dug the funnel cake when I gave her bites with her milk. But by and far, her favorite part was the Parade. It was lead by Pflugerville's finest in their cars with lights and sirens going. As soon as they got in sight, Mia's mouth dropped and her eyes got wide as golf balls. She was in awe. She stayed this way through the highschool marching band's performance as it was pretty loud. This whole time, she was sitting in my lap with her fingers in her mouth watching intently. She started to get a little antsy as the other floats passed. Not understanding Hailey's obsession with the candy being thrown. I did however catch a dum-dum for her at one point. She liked holding it and sucking on the wrapper. I felt bad for the poor kid who is now almost 14 months and has never had candy. So I wrangled the lollipop out of her hands (which was a feat in itself), took the wrapper off and gave it back to her. She stuck it tentatively into her mouth without ever taking her eyes off me. Once her taste buds hit it, it was all over. Her face lit up, her smile went from ear to ear and her hand started twirling that dum-dum around in her mouth. She was quiet the rest of the night.

The next evening, we had the Martinez' over for an evening playdate. Kettle corn, hot chocolate, beer and wine (last 2 for the parents). It was a fun evening catching up with Leslie and Jacob. And the girls had a blast playing in Mia's playroom. Here's a better picture of the 3 than the last one taken at the Martinez house =) It was getting late in the evening so excuse Mia's sloppiness. Also, we just got done with a walk so she had been wearing her winter hat and didn't feel a need to switch back to her bow. She was so wired that night. Running around the house swinging her legs and laughing hysterically. It was so funny to watch her. She went to bed that night at 9pm. One whole hour past her normal bedtime.

But when she finally did, this is how we found her. Leg up in the air and all.

Yesterday was bootcamp day for Mama. This means that Daddy takes Mia and Stoli for a walk. However, Mark reported back that he took Mia for a walk. And MIA took Stoli for a walk. This is what it looks like from Mark's angle.

And that's what we've been up to in December up to this point. Holiday vacations start shortly so we'll have lots more to talk about soon!

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