Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Sometimes Santa can't get around to all the houses fast enough. So he sends an elf with all the gifts. This was one of those years we got an elf. But heck, she was so cute and she brought so many presents that we could hardly complain!

This Christmas was better than last Christmas on quite a few accounts. To begin with, Mia slept through the night and woke up at a normal 6:30AM. She got dressed and went to church with the family. Although she is far too mobile and her attention is far too short. So she would not and could not sit still. I spent the better part of Christmas mass running around outside and hanging out in the bathroom lobby with her while she played with the other wild children. She was exhausted when we got home, but a nap, she did not take. We still left her in the crib to rest for about an hour before we got her out for the evening festivities.
The family quickly organized for family photos before Mia went into complete meltdown. Not too bad (even though I never got a chance to freshen my lipstick!)
I need to mention these were the pics BEFORE drinks officially started.
Stephanie had to run to church with her family. I guess Tommy didn't want to scoot too close to Adam.

After pictures, we did presents for Mia and Megan. Mia spent dinner time playing with all her new toys. What a blessing THAT was!

And finally, the best part about Christmas this year was that she again, slept through the night.

Merry Christmas! We hope that yours was as blessed as ours.

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