Wednesday, December 22, 2010

14 Months Old

This month, for Mia's 14 month birthday, she got to spend it at the Houston Galleria with Mama, Dada and Ba. This was kind of a big deal as it was 3 days before Christmas and Dada hates shopping. But really. How could he turn down a little girl dressed like that? So so sweet.

As I previously mentioned, Mia is learning much more about Christmas this year. She definitely doesn't "get" it yet, but she does thing Christmas ornaments are pretty. For the most part, she keeps her hands off of the tree, but every now and then, she gets an itch and really just wants to touch and play. She broke one at Aunt Jenni's house, but she's learning. And so are we. Non-breakables within Mia's reach and she likes to "ooo" and "aah" at them.

When she gets told that she's a good girl for not smashing the ornament, she's quite proud of herself.

Mia's still a big fan of her Bubba. Maybe even more so now. When she hangs out with him, she wants to be as close to him as possible. Many times sitting within his front paws. Recently, picking up his front paws and setting them in her lap. As if she's being held by him. I'm really so happy that she's loves him and is so comfortable with him. But I don't know that Stoli wants to wrap his arms around her (???) Mia's almost always smiling in every picture of her with Bubba.

Later that evening, Mia joined the rest of the Tran and Kouloumoundras family at Uncle D's restaurant in Kemah. She enjoyed her usual Bakhus fries along with her very first grilled cheese sandwich. Somehow we managed to keep this adorable hat on most of the day. Someone at the restaurant commented, "wow, she is like Christmas wrapped up in a little package." I think that about says it for Mama.

Some notes:
  • Mia has increased her speaking vocabulary to include bow, Papa and Ba
  • Even though she can't speak it, she can identify alot of people in her family after spending a few days with them. Aunt Jenni, Uncle Cade, Nini, Papa, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Stephanie, Aunt Cathy, Ong, Ba. She can even pick out Uncle Adam from his 2 older brothers! Sometimes Mama still gets confused!
  • Something just turned on in Mia's head. She is all of a sudden more welcoming about meeting and playing with new people. Before, she had such stranger aversion that sometimes we'd go a whole visit without Mia ever warming up to her extended family. Now she'll immediately go to some people. Or give her about 15 minutes and she'll play with most anyone!
  • Mia is now completely off her bottle. But she doesn't prefer the sippy cup. She likes the straw cups. I think it has to do with the fact that she's lazy and doesn't want to tip her head back to drink.
  • Mia can now show you her belly button on demand. She can also show you YOUR belly button! We were all surprised when she could also pick out her nose, eyes and ears. Sometimes when she points to her nose though, her finger starts riding up the nostril =) Not only can she identify her nose, she's *discovered* it.
  • On our road trips across the state of Texas to visit family, we frequently have to take pit stops at gas stations and convenient stores to stretch our (Mia's) legs. Her favorite thing to do on these stops are to stand in the candy isle and smile. She likes the bright shiny colors of the candy wrappers!
  • She has an obsession with her bows these days. There was a week when she was waking up at 3-4AM for a bottle. Every time I went in to feed her in the middle of the night she would pat her head and tell me "bow." haha... no baby girl, you don't need a bow at 3AM. Go back to sleep. Also, everything that goes on the head is a bow. A headband, a hat, a helmet. It's funny when she tells Uncle Tommy that he's wearing a "bow" when he goes for a bike ride.
  • Mia really enjoys playing tea party right now. She got a set from Nanny for her birthday and she knows how to pour from the pot into the cup and drink. Sometimes from the cup, sometimes from the pot =)
  • For an early Christmas present, Mia received a new kitchen from Nini. She LOVES it. She moves things around on the cook top. Puts things into the oven. Stirs the pot WHILE talking on the phone that came with the kitchen. Wow. Where did she learn that???
  • She also received a grocery cart from Aunt Jenni. She pushes that thing around all over the house. She picks random things up and throws it in. If you're missing something, start with the grocery cart. Hmmm... kinda like that cart woman...
  • Mia loves to dig through my little clutch. So a few months ago, I got an old one out of my closet and filled it up with similar things for her. An old cell phone, an old tube of lip gloss, a used Macy's gift card and some other misc toys of hers. It's entertained her for short periods of time in the past. But now. She really gets it. She wears it on the crook of her arm with her hand up in the air. She takes it off, pulls things out and puts them back in, puts the purse back on and takes off. She takes her phone out and talks while she walks and then puts the phone back in. Hysterical.

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