Monday, November 22, 2010

13 Months and Counting

This little one has no intentions of stopping at 12 months. She just keeps growing and growing and making us laugh all along the way.

After we cleaned up from Mia's birthday party, we decided to not bring back in the dining room table. Instead, we converted the dining room into Mia's downstairs playroom. She's got a new (to her) picnic table in there, so it counts as a dining room, sorta, right?

Mia having her afternoon snack in her new playroom

We're starting to get more serious with her about her sippy cup transitioning. Mia has had absolutely no problems drinking from a sippy cup OR a straw since she was about 9 months old. The problem lies in the fact that she thinks only liquids from her bottle should be swallowed. Liquids, including her formula/milk, from anyhing other than her bottle is for play. She'll suck it up and then just open her mouth and let the water/milk fall out of her mouth. Lately, she's taken it a step further and started to spew it across the room. But I think she's finally starting to get it. Milk. Drink. Swallow. She's funny how she throws her head back to drink it

Mia occassionally has playdates with our good friends the Martinez'. I run with the Mom, Leslie and they have two little girls Emma (4) and Lily (2) who just adore Mia. However, we happen to catch Mia at her "Witching Hour" today! This picture is for my friend Melanie who believes that Mia possibly never cries because she has yet to see a single picture of her doing so.

Here you go!
This is a shot from her baby monitor. Still sleeping like a baby. And since she is old enough now, crib is dressed with bumpers and she's all tucked in with her quilt. I love looking at this before falling asleep myself.

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