Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Birds

For Jenni's baby shower, I decided to make some whimsical cookies for party favors. I finally settled on baby birds, just cause there's so much you could do with them. But wouldn't you know it... out of probably 200 cookie cutters, I didn't have a bird cutter that would work. So I improvised.

I used a paisely cutter and cut about 50 cookies. I made 25 of them pink and 25 of them a light aqua. After the cookies baked, I outlined them in heavy royal icing.
Then I went back in and colorflowed them with a thinner royal icing. But they still weren't looking quite like birds yet.
So I added some eyes (with eye lashes of course!), some rosy cheeks and with the left over royal icing, I added some wings. Whoa-la! Baby birds fit for Embrey Catherine.

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