Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend in Pictures Cont'd

Happy 1st Birthday Holden! Last weekend, Mia went to Holden's birthday party and really really enjoyed herself. There were only 3 babies there, including the birthday boy, so there were lots of people and toys for her to enjoy without being too overwhelmed.

Mia also got to meet 6o month old Kaylee for the first time. Her mommy works with Mark. Kaylee is half Taiwanese and half white, but she and Mia look nothing alike despite the similarities in their ethnicities. How funny. Mia is much more caucasian and her hair count is much more like a bald eagle. Kaylee on the other hand, is much more asian and has a thick mass of the most gorgeous soft black curls. Both are just adorable. You can see Mia sizing Kaylee up below =)

PS - Thank you Bac Dzung for the beautiful dress! Doesn't she look like a cabbage patch kid???