Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 Months Old

Mia turned 10 months old today. And BOY has she been busy! I managed to snap some photos and capture some of her activities on video just so you can see how busy she is at any point in time. Warning, it might make you dizzy!
  • Stats: Weighed in at about 19.5lbs according to Daddy
  • Walking: Not yet. But she pulls up with confidence on almost anything. Including walls. And not so stable walls. Like the mesh walls of her tent. She also walks along the edges of things while holding on with ONE hand. She pushes her little scoot and push toy bus. When it rolls too fast, she falls down on her knees, but still keeps moving forward. Incredible. I thought she'd do a face plant.
  • Talking: Still really only saying Dada and Mama really clearly. Although she uses Dada 90% of the time and Mama only 10%. She has picked up other things such as Jaja for Jasmine and Gigi for Christy. But they aren't always as clear.
  • Eating: Still mostly everything. Though she is starting to develop a preference. She may eat something one day, but not feel in the mood for it the next. She favors sweeter things (yogurt, fruit) over savory.
  • Hand-eye: She is starting with the pincer grasp. She picks up things very easily now and transfers them from hand to hand. She can also stick her hand into her snack containers and pull her hand out with snacks inside. She also plays this game with an old tissue box with any random toy inside.
  • Games: Speaking of games. Her current favorite game is THROW IT. It being anything that is in her hands or with in reaching distance. Throw it on the floor and watch someone pick it up. She gets great joy out of that. I have a feeling that will go on for some time.

Like I said, she is a busy bee. All. The. Time. Here she is playing with her cowgirl boot from Aunt Lori and her wooden hippo from Aunt Jenni.
And here she is being silly with her all time favorite frog pillow. You can find her rubbing it before falling asleep at night.
Mia has discovered that she really likes bath time. Especially for all the toys.

Now she's beyond just looking in. She wants to CLIMB in! *sigh*

Happy 10 Months, Baby Girl!!!


Linda said...

Happy 10 months Baby Girl. =)

Adam Leonard said...

My cats like to play that game with an empty tissue box and anything we can put in it that rattles. :)