Sunday, July 25, 2010


OK. Brace yourselves. I know, I generally like to start out my blog entries with a picture that encapsulate the entry. But this one. Well, I don't even know what to say. So let me set it up.

Long long ago. When we had JUST found out we were pregnant, but hadn't told anyone yet, one of our neighbors was having a garage sale. Of course, we had busy busy Saturday mornings with Mark heading out early to play football and me in charge of Stoli's exercise while it was still cool out. So Mark stopped by this garage sale by himself to see if there was anything cool he could land. He decided that a giant hiking pack for the baby would be a great idea.

One look at it and I was like, I hope you like it. Because there's no way I could wear that. It would come down past my knees! So it sat in the nursery closet. Until this weekend.

I was planning on doing a local bike shop group ride with Tommy & Stephanie. Which left Mark in charge of Mia and Stoli. We thought, well, maybe he could put Mia in that pack and have Stoli around his waist and then still have his hands free. So we thought we'd try it out on the trails behind the house first. Before he headed out to the downtown lake with no one but himself to get him through the morning.

And here they are. On the driveway getting ready for their practice "hike". Aren't they dapper?

I TOLD you to brace yourself!!! She looks like she's travelling in a Smart Car. She's hanging her arm out to tan.

She doesn't want to just look at the back of Daddy's head the entire hike. So she figured out her own solution to the problem. LEAN.

I couldn't stop laughing the entire way. Thought I'd share the hilarity with you.

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