Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Eateries

One last birthday blog for dear Mark. On Friday night, we made it downtown for dinner! Wow... it's been so so long. Yeah, probably since MY birthday long! We thought for sure that 9PM reservations would leave us with plenty of time to get downtown and maybe even have some drinks before our reservations came up.

Wrong. We arrived at valet at 9:02PM. HOW did that happen? But we still wanted drinks. The host was very understanding (probably because no one really NEEDS reservations for a dinner that late??) So we grabbed Tommy & Stephanie and hopped over to Sullivan's for martinis before going back to Trulucks for our dinner. What a great time we had that evening. Sullivan's runs a half price martinis at their reverse happy hour. (yes, $5 full size drinks) And Truluck's was truly outstanding. AND, the brought out 2 cupcakes each for Tommy & Mark so that we had 4 cupcakes, one for each of us, to celebrate their birthdays. Yay free!

On Saturday, we were out running errands and Mia decided she would take Dad out for lunch at Jason's Deli. We had just stopped in at Sprouts, so she got to try her new YoBaby yogurt (which she loved) and Daddy introduced her to.... soft serve! Yup, she still hasn't found anything she dislikes.

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