Friday, June 11, 2010

Jamaica Trip

Months ago Mary and I decided that a long weekend trip to Jamaica would be a good way to celebrate our 4 year anniversary as well as a good way for new parents to relax.

We had been looking forward to the trip for months. Typically on our vacations we have tried to do something that gets us involved with the actual culture of the country we are visiting. We did this in Vietnam and Italy. This vacation however was dedicated strictly to relaxing. We decided that we were going to spend most of our time in the resort, and possibly wouldn't be going anywhere.

A week before the trip, the news started showing that a major drug lord, who is based out of Jamaica, was fighting his extradition to the US. There was pretty major fighting and shooting in the streets of Kingston Jamaica. Lucky for us, we were going to Negril which was 175 miles away. We monitored the news very closely to make sure that the situation didn't deteriorate.

Wed. after work, we drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The plan was Mia was going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Neubauer for the 5 days we were gone. They set up a little baby spa along with swings, pools, toys etc. We decided that even with the political uprising going on we were not going to miss out on our vacation.

We left early in the morning and had a very seamless flight to Montego Bay, where we caught our shuttle that took us to our resort in Negril.

We pulled up to our resort, and although it was nice, it was a little less than we were hoping for. Previously, we had been to 2 different resorts in Cabo San Lucas and the Dominican Republic. Both of the resorts that we had been to before were huge and overwhelming. This resort was nice, however I believe Mary said it best that a 4 star resort in Jamaica would be a 2 star resort in the Dominican Republic.

Once inside the resort, everything was really good. Our weather was a little bad at first, however it wasn't raining and eventually it cleared up. Once it cleared up we had sunny skies and great weather. The food at the resort was good, but not amazing. The drink at the resort were good. Surprisingly, even though it was Memorial Day weekend, the resort was surprisingly vacant.
Picture of us or first night at dinner

We were in Jamaica, and Mary ordered a Vietnamese soup, at a Japanese restaurant

We ate well every night, and even though the resort had plenty of nighttime activities, Mary and I would be so tired after spending the whole day in the sun having drinks, that we didn't make it past 10:00 one time. We would turn the AC in our room down as cold as it would go, and we would absolutely crash out. We did very good in that we woke up every morning and worked out on the beach, jogging and doing yoga. After we would work out we would then get cleaned up in the room and head in for breakfast.

The only time we left the resort was to go lunch the day before we left at a "restaurant" called the "Office of Nature" The "Office of Nature" was primarily marketed and run by a very high man named Smiley Sunshine. Smiley has done a lot of drugs in his day. Smiley also has a very cool little business where they dive for lobsters in the morning, then cook them on the beach. Literally, they have a fire pit on the beach and they would split the lobsters on the spot, grill them up and serve them with rice for $20. It was really beautiful to sit at a little lunch table, watching Smiley grilling up a lobster for us and serving it with rice and a lot of butter. We enjoyed our meal, and walked back to our resort soon after.

I got a little over heated in the sun over the few days we were there, so unfortunatley, We had to go back to the room to let me rehydrate and sleep in the air conditioning. It was nice, but I wish we could have spent our last afternoon in the pool having drinks instead.

Overall, the trip was great. It was nice to get away for a long weekend and simply relax.
Drinks at the pool bar

Happy 4 year anniversary

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