Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 Month Old

This is Mia and Daddy. Important because it's their FIRST father's day together! Coincidentally, Mia is *almost * 8 months old. What do you think? Is she starting to look more like Daddy every day?

8 Month old update:
  • Weight: 18lbs
  • Eats: Just about everything that's not a choking hazard. She gums most things, chomps and chews on others... despite the fact that there are no real teeth in there yet! Still can't do meat though. Need to chompers for that!
  • Sitting: She's completely mastered sitting. She can sit and play for as long as she likes. Problem is, she doesn't always want to sit and play for very long!
  • Crawling: She's moving forward! I'm not quite sure I'd call this crawling... it's more like lurching. Well, it's crawling like a 15 year old drives a stick shift. Not very graceful
  • Walking: She's always liked being upright more than on her belly. She's discovered the joys of her walker. Daddy calls it her "runner" since she moves so darn fast in it! She'll follow us anywhere in that thing. Sometimes she tries to chase after us right out of the house.
  • Teething: Baby girl's finally getting her first tooth! It happened right about 4 days before her 8 month old birthday. We finally noticed a sharp little shard poking through. Hopefully the next few weeks go smoothly!
  • Hair: It's coming in. But, oh. so. sloooowly. It's dark and it seems like it might be a bit wavy like Daddy's.
  • Weather: Well, it's another hot hot summer already. Since we came back from Houston for Father's day, Mia's been swimming almost every day. She absolutely loves it. But not quite so sure of Uncle Tommy's surf board yet (despite her adorable surfer girl outfit)
  • Mia & Stoli: They're really starting to love each other. Mia loves to chase Stoli in her walker, which Stoli's not really a big fan of. But when Mia comes home from a long day at Nanny's, Stoli loves to come over and kiss her on the side of her head from her chin up to the top of her head. We say that Mia has a Stoli Lick on the side of her head. Her hair sticks up where Stoli licks her.

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