Friday, May 7, 2010

Mia's Baptism

On Sunday May 2, 2010, Mia was baptized into the Catholic church. The ceremony was held at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Clear Lake City. Almost her entire family was present for the event. It was a beautiful Sunday. The skies were blue, the breeze was soft and the sun was shining. The perfect day for the family to spend together. The ceremony was quite engaging for Mia. The reception was catered by our own Bakkhus Taverna. And I made the cake (that will be a separate entry!)

It started out with Mia getting ready for her big day
Ridin' dirty on the way to church =)
Mommy with her baby girl
Mia with her God Mommy Terri

Mia was so attentive through out the entire ceremony. She was enthralled with Father Bob. Here she is receiving her blessing.

Finally it was time for the Baptism. She LOVED it! I think she equated it to bath time which is one of her favorite things in the world. I was quite concerned that she would throw a fit since she's a little older now. But to be honest, this was the perfect age for her.

I just love this shot of her receiving the light.

Mia, her proud God Parents Peter and Terri, Fr. Bob and parents

Mia and her entourage. We took up three pews.
The Neubauers

One of my favorites of the day: my godson Jonathan with Mia

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