Sunday, February 21, 2010


Saturday night, Mark and I got to go out on a REAL date. Dinner and a show. Cirque du Soleil Alegria, to be exact. It was my Christmas present from Mark. The dinner was fabulous. Mark had Gulf Coast paella and I had boiled and sauteed soft shell crabs. The show was intense and hilarious all at once. My favorite part was the balance beams. Mark's the trapeze. We couln't ask for a more enjoyable night.

Well, maybe we could. Since we were doing dinner before the show, Mark's parents who were babysitting, were doing the entire evening routine on their own. This was the first time in Mia's life that her evening routine did not include at least one of her parents. Just before the show started, I texted my MIL to see how they were doing. In her words, "She hates me."

Uh oh.

I don't know what to do! Mark also tells me this phrase about once a week. Mia behaves as if I'm a stay at home mom. As if I'm the only person who ever holds her and cares for her. Not true! Her dad is an integral part of her life. Diaper changes, bottle feedings, early morning sessions, the whole bit. She sees her Neubauer grandparents at least twice a month and her Tran ones every 6 weeks or so. But the girl started having separation anxiety from Mommy around 8 weeks old. And I don't know that it's getting any better.

At the end of May, we'll be going to Jamaica. What can I do to make everyone's life's more enjoyable???

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