Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quarter Year

I hate that I didn't get to get this blog started yesterday. But that's another story with AT&T. Maybe I'll let Mark tell it =/

Our little Mia turned 3 months old yesterday. I can hardly believe it. I told Mark he'd better get up here to wish her a happy birthday because before he knew it, he'd be celebrating her quarter century birthday!

I spent all day yesterday chronologing a day in the life of Mia at 3 months old. It was fun and she really had a rather good day. So I hope you enjoy!

How else to start off your birthday, but in your birthday suit!

Now it's belly time. I'm getting good at this! Soon it will be crawling time.

Off to play in my playroom. I love mirrors. And my Stoli.

Now my jumper. I'm still a little young for it, but love the lights and music!

Time for me to get dressed to go to Nanny Michelle's. I'm modeling here for my aunts!

Having a heart to heart with Stoli before I leave.

I'm back and it's bath time with Daddy! We love the shower!!

My uncle Tommy got me this Longhorn towel that's my favorite. It keeps me so warm.

A nightcap. My quality time with Mommy.


Linda said...

Such a sweet blog entry Mary. I especially love the picture of Mia in the shower with Mark. The expression on her face is precious. =)

Mary said...

Mark's is too! LOL

Cathy said...

SHe's getting sooo big! I miss her soo much!!