Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Mia

Baby Girl,

You are now over 3 months old. There's so much that you've accomplished in the first 3 months of your life. When I look back on this short time, I'm astonished at what you've accomplished.

  • Stats: ~13.5 lbs, 22 inches
  • You're just getting into the 3-6 month clothing and you're about to outgrow the Stage 1 diapers.
  • The most you've managed to eat during one feeding is 5 1/2 ounces! You average about 4 ounces.
  • Your favorite toy is the classical music sun that your Aunt Terri bought you. It plays music and lights. For you right now, that is the perfect creation!
  • Your favorite times of the day are morning (when you wake up refreshed) and bedtime (when you get to shower with Daddy).
  • Your grumpiest time is between 4-6 when you're getting tired, but it's too early for bedtime.
  • Your biggest accomplishment is that you're sleeping pretty much through the night. You sleep anywhere from 7-11 hours in a row. When you sleep a short 7 hours, it's because you're hungry. After we get up and feed you, you usually sleep through til the morning. This started around 11 1/2 weeks.
  • You sleep in your own room, in your own crib, all by yourself.
  • You love car rides and walks in your stroller. They usually put you to sleep.
  • In the mornings, Mommy gets you ready for the day. By the time we pull out of the driveway, you're already asleep.
  • You love to play on your back. You throw your arms and kick your feet to music. Even if it is Mommy & Daddy singing.
  • You're learning to tolerate playing while on your belly. I'm sorry Baby Girl, but you need this skill to learning how to crawl!
  • Speaking of crawling, you don't know how to yet, but when you're on your belly, your legs are so strong that you can actually push/propel yourself forward when you're playing on your quilt.
  • You smile and coo pretty readily. Nanny Michelle says they heard you giggle, but Mommy & Daddy are still waiting to hear it.

I love you and am so proud of you!


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