Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas - Biggest Loser - Boxing

So Christmas season is certainly underway. One of the things I really enjoy about the Christmas season is coming up with something cool to get Mary for Christmas, and finding out what it is that she got me. Mary and I are very blessed in that we have everything we need, and most everything we want. This being the case, we imposed a strict $100 limit on what we can spend on each other this year.

$100 seemed like a number that allows us to have a little flexibility and a pretty good range, without throwing away money just to spend it.

For Mary this year I was lucky enough to find out that Cirq De Sole was coming to the Austin area. I bought tickets for us early enough that I was able to get 2 tickets at a really good price. I called my Dad and suggessted that he get the same thing for Mom. So, right now, the plan is for Mom and Dad to go to the show on Friday night, and for Mary and I to go on Saturday night with Mom and Dad babysitting.

Since Mary and I travel all over the place around Christmas to see all of our family, Mary suggested giving me my present a few days ago. To my surprise, I was thrilled when Mary told me that she signed me up for boxinig lessons.

I have no aspirations of becoming a boxer. What I do have aspirations of is getting back into shape. It is no big secret that the last few years have added a lot of weight to me. I recently went to my allergy doctor. During the visit, my doctor said that the only thing that has really changed is that I am 23 pounds heaviler now than I was when I first started going to see him.

On January 4th, at work my division is doing a Biggest Loser competition. Like the TV show, we measure gross body weight % lost. Sympathy weight from the pregnancy, holliday eating and simply missing some workouts has pushed me up to the 223 range. Ideally, I feel the best when I am between 190 and 195. Once I do my first weigh in back at the office, I can begin dieting and doing a ton of cardio to start chipping away at the weight to get back to my ideal weight, and hopefully win some money at the office. Boxing seems like a great way to change up the standard workout and burn a ton of calories while doing something that doens't feel like working out.

So get ready boxing world, you are about to get your first glimpse of Mark "The Caucasion Sensation" Neubauer

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