Thursday, November 19, 2009


You never know how your day is going to start or end.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day. Hectic with Mia. She seems to be hitting a growth spurt and so eating more and more frequently. I started breaking out into a rash on Tuesday morning, but it wasn't really bothering me. By Wednesday morning however, it was a full on rash! Not at all how I had planned my "free" day once a week. After running to the doctors and a few more errands, I ran home to meet my cousin Theresa and her fiancee Jason who were stopping in on their visit to the hill country. After her visit, Mark and I decided to take advantage of our free babysitter and salvage a "relaxing" evening. Since we weren't starving and weren't planning on going out for the night, we just went to Chipotle's for a quick dinner and to Barnes and Nobles to get away for a few minutes.

While at B&N, I noticed that things weren't quite right so we went home. Once home, I gave Mia a quick kiss on the forehead and ran in to shower. After the shower, I was getting ready for bed but noticed that the bleeding just wasn't slowing down. I remembered that the doctor had mentioned something about excessive bleeding, but wasn't sure how they had defined "excessive." So I called the nurse's after hour line and they quickly told me to go to the emergency room.

I didn't think it was all that urgent since I didn't have any abdominal pain. But when Mark found out what was going on, he wasn't messing around. We were at the ER by 9:30 PM. 3 hours short of 4 weeks when we checked in to deliver Mia! They quickly brought us in. 8 hours later, at 5AM, we were discharged. I had blood work done, ultrasounds, pelvic exams, urine samples, more blood work and a shot of Methergine to stop the bleeding. They never did determine the cause of the bleeding. But I am happy that that is over and behind us. Next doctor's visit will be the 6 weeks visit.

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