Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 37

Such an exciting and busy week! We had our 3rd and final baby shower this weekend and it was so much fun! But there will be a separate blog on that later... But I do have one interesting story for this week. On Sunday, I was at Kinko's working on a project for Baby. The man on the copier behind me was frustrated and having a time with his machine. He was an older gentleman, probably in his mid-late 60's. I turned around and asked him if he was ok. Apparently he was working enlarging a document and the machine was giving him a hard time. When I went over to help him, turns out he was using a copy that he'd messed up to try to enlarge. He realized that as I was over with him and said that the baby must be good luck! After he was done, he came over and said, "To thank you for your help, here's a copy of all the Beatles original signature." Wha?? How do you have this? "I got the opportunity to hand out with them back in the 60's." After his "your baby must be good luck" comment, I told him that I certainly hoped so! My uncle had rubbed my belly for good luck that morning before he bought a lottery ticket. So he told me that if we won the lottery, I needed to name the baby Ringo. Don't act surprised if we announce Ringo Starr Neubauer in a few weeks =)

Week: 37
Weight gained to-date: 31 lbs (yay, starting to plateau!)
Belly measurement: 40.5 inches
Estimated Baby size: 19 inches, 6 lbs
Swelling: feet seem to be doing a little better
Stretch Marks: no, but this belly button might be an outtie sooner than later!
How Mommy's feeling: Random bursts of energy mixed with extreme fatigue. I never can tell what kind of day it's going to be
Happenings: At this week's visit, they reported that Baby's head is very far down there now. And I am just starting to dilate. 0.5cm. All good news on progression. I think that means I have at least one more week. Right? In other news, Mark constructed 3 beautiful frames for the artwork that Cathy did. He's now working on staining them.

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kristinamarie said...

Wow, no way!! I love that you took the opportunity to ask him if he was ok...when we give just a little we gain soo much!

You are getting so close! The count-down is on! ;-)