Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 36

Not much to report this week. Very rainy week which was fine for me since I spent much of it in the office. The highlights of the week included getting the Halloween decorations out and up and having dinner at the Texan Cafe which is my new favorite PIE location!

Week: 36
Weight gained to-date: 31 lbs
Belly measurement: 40.5 inches
Estimated Baby size: close to 19 inches, almost 6 lbs
Swelling: yes yes and yes. I got a massage this week and she was so surprised at all my changes since she hadn't seen me June. My play-ring that I bought in August 2 sizes larger than my real ring is starting to get tight.
Stretch Marks: Still holding my breath
How Mommy's feeling: Just tired. It's harder to get up and down. I wake up about every 3 hours to pee now. That's an average of about twice a night.
Happenings: This week, we got a little surprise. It seems that Mommy & Baby are both progressing towards delivery. Caught a little off guard one night before bed, we found out after a call into the nurse's line that my cervix is starting to thin! A sign in the right direction! That meant that we really need to get a little more serious about packing our bags for the hospital. Mark had some free time during the week and started his bag (which, honestly will be more complicated than mine since he has to remember the cameras, batteries, charges, music, etc). Quarter close started on Thursday for me which meant working through the weekend. I did finally get started on Sunday evening with my bags. Not much to pack, thankfully. Now to get a bag together for Baby!

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