Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Moves for Daddy!!!

And I think I was the most excited person in the trio.

The first time Mark felt baby move was last night. I'd had a really long work day and was suffering from Braxton Hicks contractions all afternoon/evening. When this happens, my stomach tenses up and the belly feels like a boulder. I guess when it feels this way, it's not very comfortable for Baby to move around in. When I finally lay down at night and can relax, Baby starts moving around alot... stretching, I suppose! So needless say, Baby was very happy to move around last night and took full advantage of the space it had in there. After a few movements (I think they were actually hiccups), I grabbed Mark's hand so he could feel it, too. The first one, he said he didn't feel. The second one, I had my hand on top of his and could feel his hand move! He said he did feel that one. But he didn't understand how a baby in the womb could have hiccups.

Seriously??? You felt your baby move for the first time and that is what your mind thinks about? hahaha, he cracks me up.

Then this morning, the baby really was moving and so again, I grabbed his hand so he could feel it. It was about 6AM. There was a big kick and I asked him if he felt it. He said he did. I said, "You don't sound very impressed." He said, "I'm sleepy."

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