Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday while Stoli & I were outside tinkering with some patio furniture in the front yard, one of our neighbors passed by on her return home from a walk with her dog. We let the dogs play a little bit in the front yard while we chatted.

She congratulated us on our new adventure and asked us all the typical questions. When are you due, what are you having, etc, etc.

Once we finished with me, I asked how they were doing. She said that her house is like an infirmary these days. I must preface that last summer, her husband suffered from 3 heart attacks in the span of about 2 months. Scary stuff. The last one he had, they schedule a quadruple (I think that was how many it was) bypass. We stopped by the hospital to visit him and even though he could barely breathe (some of his ribs were broken), he was still in good spirits and tried really really hard not to laugh throughout the visit. We saw them a few weeks later walking around the block and doing their thing to help him recover. He's much better this spring back playing golf and doing the lawn. Always with a friendly smile and warm chit chat as we pass. So it came as a surprise to me that yesterday, his wife mentions that he's now been diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer. Can this man not catch a break? He just had his lymph nodes removed out of his left underarm and is at home recovering. But she said, "You know how he is. Great attitude. Nothing's really all that bad. It'll be fine."

Apparently that attitude has rubbed off on his family. Amazing how one person with a good attitude and affect so many. Including this one writing.

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