Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May 2, 2009: Roman Finale

After 7 very full days, we complete our visit of Roma, Italy. I'm glad we saved the last days for wandering aimlessly and getting lost in the best neighborhoods Rome has to offer.

Hanging out in Trastevere

In the middle of the square in Trastevere

Inside the Santa Maria in Trastevere, Mark caught a very cool shot of the light beaming in

Here's something I never pictured, but can now not get out of my head... the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus

We still can't figure out how they use these mini trucks. Note that the motorcycle is probably longer than the truck is!

On our way up the Gianacolo (a long park walk from Trastevere that leads down into Vatican City)
I'm telling you! A park bench on blocks is the way to go. Mark was suppose to be getting water, but I guess he found my activity far more interesting

Ever seen a Smart car in a carousel?
The real thing's not much bigger =)

We finally made it to the top. The view was worth it.
Now. To get down from here...

Another treasure: A moped with a hardtop!

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