Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April 29, 2009: The Vatican

We got tickets to attend the Papal audience. We woke up early and headed out. Stopping along the way for "un panino e un cafe." We get there and stake out our spot. Perfect, we can see everything. Only another HOUR before the Father gets here. Great. I didn't make it that long. He finally made his appearance and wouldn't you know it. He didn't speak in a single language I could understand. I speak 4 languages, but he must've chosen friggin' Latin or something. After about 40 minutes, we've had enough and decide to go beat the line for the Vatican Museums. No such luck. The line is already 2hours long. Heck, let's beat the lunch crowd then!

Mark with the Pope =)

Me @ St. Peters

Time to eat, yo! (BTW, amazing clam linguini and fried calamari here!)

After lunch, Mark hiked up to the top of the Basilica Duomo. It was too much work and far too stinky for me.

He captured this amazing view of Vatican City

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