Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April 28, 2009: When in Rome

... do as the Romans! Whatever that means. In our experience, it means live in very small quarters, fight traffic every minute of every day, eat very well, eat even more gelato, see all the sights, wonder around aimlessly to find treasures and walk until your legs fall off. Maybe one day the Romans will tell us we got it all wrong... Until then, this is how WE did it.

The Trevi Fountain. Our attic apartment was about 50 yards away from this famed (and ALWAYS bustling site). It was awesome to wake up to the fountain and to see it one last time before bed every day.

The gelato that I could never get enough of. Maybe I would've had less if I could drink the wine. Then again, maybe not. I *heart* gelato.

On our first day in Rome, we found the Spanish Steps. Actually pretty hard to miss. But I love hanging out there. So much to see.

Studying the books to determine the difference between all the friggin' forums. Vittorio Emanuel Memorial in the background.

See, can't even remember which forum this was. Doesn't matter, it's in ruins now!

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