Friday, March 6, 2009

New Neighbors

Last weekend while we were in Houston, we finally got new neighbors. This statement would normally come with exclamation points since we've been waiting for that house behind us to fill for months. But now, if there's anything to follow that statement, it might truly be a knife in the eye.

We have not made the acquaintence of our humanly neighbors. However, we have met their 3 dogs whose yapping only seem to be audible through our side of the fence. No kidding. They let their dogs out in the yard and immediately the little one starts with this grito-ing. Dude, if Stoli lets out one bark, we are out there in half a second to see what's wrong or to tell him to stop it and get inside. But NO. These dogs go on and on and on. Until I've had just about enough and yell STOP IT ALREADY. Then, about 3-5 minutes later it stops and the dogs are inside. I'm telling you... I think it's only audible on my side of the fence.

This morning I went out there to see what the problem with this damn dog was. And it's face was halfway into my yard. It took all my energy to not kick it back. It's damn lucky I love dogs. HA.

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