Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marion, MS

Add another state to my belt.

Saturday morning (EARLY) we set off from Houston for Mississippi. Tommy in the driver seat, Dad navigating. Mom, Steph and Diesel passed out in the second row. That left Stoli & me bringing up the rear. Once we were settled, it did not take us long to fall asleep.
Stoli & me sleeping in the back:
Stoli crashed out on my lap:

When I first woke up, I needed to pee! Not bad though, we had been going for about 2 hours and it was time for breakfast anyways. We hit the busiest McDonald's in all of the South and were somewhere in Louisiana... along with the rest of America on Spring Break.

After bathroom and breakfast breaks all around (including the dogs), we piled back into the car for the 2nd leg of the trip. Again, everyone but the front row immediately fell back into a coma and this time we made it about 3 hours before the next bathroom break. It was a quick one and then we only had about 2 hours to Cathy & Adam's house.

We got in around 3. After getting the tour of the place, we all loaded up and went to base to hit the grocery stores, etc. After the stores, it was decided that we'd go out to eat since everyone was too tired to cook. We hung around a bit and when we finally got to the restaurant, it was 5pm. Yes. Just in time for the senior citizen crowd. Crescent City was good. But I don't know what I was thinking giving up fried foods and planning a vacation in the south. Practically everything on the menu was fried. Fortunately, there were a few excellent dishes at my disposal and I chose from one of those. But I was eyeing Tommy's onion rings the entire time.

To tell you the truth, I don't remember much of Saturday or Sunday after that. I think I spent the majority of those hours on the couch. Either watching TV, reading magazines, or sleeping. Most stores are closed on Sunday here... that's why. In Austin, we do all our shopping on Sunday! Oh, I forgot. We ate. Alot. I seem to remember there were Korean BBQ, chicken & dumplings and burgers. In addition to arriving mid-day on Saturday and going out to eat on Saturday night.

What the sofa scene usually looked like:

Aunt Cathy getting her fill of Diesel:

Monday came and Adam & I had to work. Boo. So as I trudged upstairs to boot up the computer, everyone else set themselves to hit Hudsons. UGH. You guys suck. 2 hours later, they came back with their mini treasures. I'm so going there on Thurs. I wish Steph had bought that cart of randomness for $5.

That takes me to today. The first day that the sun has shone. Stoli & I got up before everyone, but Adam. Got dressed and hit the pavement. It was nice to jog and the weather was wonderful. It was about 55 degrees out with a light breeze. We were cruising. When we got back, it was high time for me to return to the computer.

At about 3:30, everyone loaded up into Adam's truck (all 7 of them and the 3 dogs) and they all went to the park. It's 5 now and they're still not back. So I'm sure the dogs will be quite satisfied when they finally do return. It's St. Patty's day and we're going to celebrate with some of Adam & Cathy's friends with a bbq cookout. I think the brisket's in the oven.

I best get my green on. I'm off for the rest of the week and tomorrow morning we're heading to Biloxi. That should be alot of fun. We're just staying one night, but there's a pool there calling my name. Will have more in a few days!

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