Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in August

We don't live at home any more. So it makes it that much more special when we do go home. And now that Cathy doesn't live in Houston any more as well... it's a big affair when we both make it home... which is exactly what happened this past weekend.

We headed down to Clear Lake on Thursday evening and arrived about an hour before Cathy. We had a nice family dinner on Friday evening after hanging out at the pool for a few hours with Stoli. Then Cathy, Stephanie, Andrea & I headed over to David's Bridal to pick up Cathy's wedding dress!!! Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned and we were rescheduled to the following evening. No worries. There were margaritas calling our name. A stop over at Berry Hill fixed everything with the girls. We then went down to Seabrook, but not before stopping by Stephanie's office to use the facilities and play a little game of hide & seek. Classic was fun, but they were also having a HS reunion for the Clear Creek c/o 1988. Yeah, I was like 11 when they were seniors. Better yet, Cathy & her friends were 4. We finally crawled into bed around 3AM. A long night for an old woman =)

Saturday was a fun day. It started out EARLY as my cousins arrived to pick us up at 9AM to hit the Y and play some b-ball. You can count me out, but I can always use a little workout. Afterwards, Mom, Mark & I had some lunch and did a little shopping at the Galleria. I don't remember the last time I went to the Galleria with my mom! It was fun. We came home and again, hit the pool. This time, with a few more cousins and dinner was a massive Thanksgiving feast of Vietnamese noodles and tempura shrimp, Korean BBQ and spicy wheat noodles and tuna & salmon sushi. Yeah, it was huge. Finished off with homemade peach pie and a Vietnamese dessert called che. How do these people stay so thin???

We ended the weekend with a stop in Bastrop. Mark did his son duties and did some projects around Mom & Dad's house. In payment, we got fed ANOTHER wonderful meal!!! Goodness. We will see them again on Saturday when we go out to celebrate Mom's b-day. Yay!

Monday. It's back to fasting =)

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